I have been in the tech industry since I was born. So have you… Whether you are a software developer, or a photographer, or even a security officer ­- somewhere in our careers we have been exposed by a tool of technology. These tools are designed to make our lives a bit easier, well it is supposed to.  When the tech is slowing you down the problem usually lies with you, the user.


The frustration could easily be resolved by being informed properly. There is no doubt that we are inundated by adverts, friend’s advice and our bosses’ decisions for what tech is best for us. The reality is what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for you. If a 3D graphic designer recommends a Macbook Pro for general internet and social media browsing, you’re going to be R30000+ out of pocket for no reason. Take advice from people with the same needs as you, not from “the experts”.


The best advice will always be from the salesperson at the computer shop. They’re job is to know their products inside out. RAM mHz speeds, kbps numbers, megapixels, TBs, and energy efficiency… all there to make their primary job easier – to confuse you to a point to just buy it and walk out feeling like you just got educated.


Even though most of us like to know what makes a clock tick, the articles in this blog are not written by the experts for geeks or full of specs and facts. It’s written by consumers sharing experiences that they had with the purpose of making life a little less complicated for others. Tech is in fact there to simplify life.


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