LTE-A and fibre connection in South Africa is expanding rapidly. Especially in the urban areas of Gauteng, Western Province and KZN. But for the other 40% or so, internet access options remain limited. Satellite connection is the obvious, easiest way to go. YahSat, being the first KA operator in Africa, is the obvious choice for satellite broadband connectivity.

If you’re a farmer, headmaster of platteland schools or a hospital administrsator far away from town, this is the first choice for all your research, internet banking, and communication needs. Studies have shown by YahSat that a 10% increase in internet connectivity in rural areas increases the countries GDP by almost 2%. This proves information enriches people. YahSat prides themselves in working together with governments like Kenya to enrich their education system and health sector.



“With the United Nations declared internet access a basic human right, it is critical for us (YahSat) to ensure at we are at the forefront as the leading KA operator on the continent in demonstrating our commitment to bridging the digital devide.”

Boyd Chislett – Executive Director at YahSat


VOX being one of the YahSat partners are here to get you connected where ever you are in, no matter how remote your location. Visit them at for more information.